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Just kickin it #phoshodoe
These lovely lumps are brought you by @jbombz   #phoshodoe
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Another kid shot , another cop shooting an unarmed person , another protest , another speech by the parents/president / teacher/ friend/ famous person, another week of social networks rants , another march ,….another time nothing was changed .        When is something going to actually happen
trust the process - Frantz C. | Frantz made this with
You gotta love it here #LA
S/O to @lizzy_jeff for being so cool with us . Also for having dope tats  #phoshodoe
Coolin it  #phoshodoe
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Music for your eyes   #phoshodoe
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"Bloom" featuring FKA Twigs
Know thy self #phoshodoe
Life is a beach   #phoshodoe