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My motto #phoshodoe #LA #santamonica
Villan or a hero.   Photo by me  #phoshodoe
Breakfast is served #rascoes on #picoblvd  (at Roscoe’s House of Chicken N Waffles)
No Flex zone . Santa Monica
From the beach to pinks . I swear I’m going to gain like 20 pounds when I get back #pinks
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But I didn’t throw up though !!! 👍👏😌
Palm trees that kiss the sky #LA  #santamonaca
Pinks  always has a super long line 😕 the struggle
So many little LA girls 😻😻😻.     #phoshodoe
A tray of fries for my fries and a tray for my burgers , breakfast of champions 😇❤️
Your just some LA girls #Trbrand #therighteous
In city with lots of music but the vanity a louder  #phoshodoe