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In city with lots of music but the vanity a louder  #phoshodoe
A little too high for my liking but still a nice view though
Got one of the warmest welcomes ever when I arrived in LA . “Welcome to LA Bitches” lol loved it     #phoshodoe
Selfie wars : ppl say I never smile in photo ….well you right , but it’s all I do in person
I can’t help it i even when I’m on vacation I work . I’ll just call it a work trip #phoshodoe
A little bit of me to you . Photo cred : @lord_viscount
Never negotiate with your morals . That girl you see doing tricks was once a girl who went church every Sunday . And that dude doing break ins use to be a straight A student .you only fail once you admit you do
No matter how you put focus is always needed in all walks of life  photo cred : @lord_viscount
Even on vac I work . I don’t know how to stop #phoshodoe
I like the view so far
You know@and I know it’s the truth lol #honest
Shout out to ildi for buying me a light snack for my trip . Hope she knows this won’t last but an hour #thankful #foodie
I ate this work of art a after a basket of fries and 18 wings …I feel so much shame ….but so satisfied 😇❤️🍰
We will have a bunch of stuff to from our adventure of the west coast soon